Mana Clearways - A Potted History

The Mana Clearways story started in 1998 with a proposal by Transit NZ (now NZTA) to install clearways through Paremata and Plimmerton, which was rejected by a panel of independent Commissioners, who described it as “too tight a fit within the narrow road corridor” and “so deficient in so many respects that it is inconsistent with the purpose of sustainable management”.

Reasons given by the Commissioners included the substandard lane and footpath widths, unhappiness with proposals to impose “sight plane” restrictions on some adjoining properties, and difficulties in meeting recommended noise, vibration and air quality standards with traffic travelling so close to adjoining footpaths and properties.

What followed was many years of disagreement and debate between the Paremata Residents Association (supported by Plimmerton Residents Association) and Transit/NZTA, often through the Environment Court or mediation, to achieve the current clearways through Mana Esplanade. However the situation is still unsatisfactory for both residents and motorists, with traffic jams in both north and south directions at various times.

To find out the full story please read the PDF file below.

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