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The Paremata Village Plan


The first Paremata Village Plan was published in 2012, after about 18 months of preparatory work by a small team of local volunteers working with members of the Porirua City Council (PCC) staff.  Several surveys of residents were undertaken to establish what we like about our Village and what we want to do to make it even better.

What we like about our village

The surveys showed that we love the location of Paremata, the easy access to excellent facilities (including schools) and public transport.  Our environment was identified as a real strength – the walkways, the views, the sea and the beaches.  We feel Paremata is a friendly area where a lot of people know their neighbours, so there is strong local pride and a sense of community.

What we want to do to make it even better

The joint issues which we most want to see addressed are local roading and traffic.  No doubt our dissatisfaction is mainly due to the congestion problems in Mana Esplanade, which is currently a four-lane State highway in all but designation.  We also want to see improvements in our environment, particularly Porirua Harbour and Pauatahanui Inlet which are suffering from pollution and silting.  We would also like to see improved facilities for youth in our area, more walkways and cycleways, and improved safe access to train stations.

The Plan

The Plan has now been in use for three years.  Each year the PCC Village Planning team calls on representatives of all the villages to meet and discuss what they have achieved in the past year and what they hope to achieve in the following year.  The Council provides annual funding to assist the villages to work towards their annual goals.

You can read the Plan in full here

Some of the issues raised during the surveys we conducted are being addressed at present.  You can read about them in the current projects list which follows:

Proposed road works

Proposed road improvements

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