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The Paremata Residents Association's area includes the suburbs of Papakowhai, Paremata (including Mana), and part of Camborne. 

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This area is one of eleven communities of suburbs within the city of Porirua recognised by the Porirua City Council under its Village Planning Programme, an award-winning partnership between the Porirua City Council and its suburban communities.

The Programme puts communities in charge of developing a vision for their neighbourhoods and then partnering with Council to make it happen. This vision is brought together through community consultation and developed into Village Plans, which lay out the communities’ goals and aspirations for the future of their ‘villages’.

For more information on Paremata’s Village Plan, and current associated activities, click here (Local Projects).

Newsletter June 2018

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Community-Driven Emergency Response Plan

In the event of a major civil defence emergency, such as an earthquake, flood, or tsunami, residents cannot expect that emergency services will be able to respond to all parts of the affected region within the first two or three days after the event.  In Porirua city, and particularly in the Paremata Village, this means that we must be prepared to look after ourselves – and assist our neighbours if necessary – for several days without access to normal services such as power, telephone, water, drainage, sewerage, and normal medical treatment.

The Paremata Residents Association Committee, Porirua Healthy Safer City Trust, and Safer Porirua recently approached the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO) to facilitate development of a local community-driven emergency response plan to assist our community to survive in the first few days following a major civil defence emergency event.

A complication for our Village is that the rail and road bridges over the entrance to the Pauatahanui Inlet at the South end of Mana Esplanade may be damaged or destroyed in a major event, cutting our community in two.  Our ‘worst case’ response plan will take that possibility into account by splitting the Village in two and treating each part as a separate entity for the purposes of emergency management.


Change to Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office (WREMO) notification of emergencies

WREMO has changed the way it notifies residents of serious emergencies, eg, Earthquake and Tsunami warnings.

Please see instructions below to ensure you continue receive such warnings through your mobile phone.

WREMO has closed its Twitter alert system because people with Vodafone could not receive the alerts.  Instead, WREMO

is promoting the Red Cross Hazard app. 

What is the app?

For more information see the Red Cross Website: Hazard App

Download the app

Go to the Google Play Store or the Apple Play Store.

You can monitor up to five locations and determine what alerts you wish to receive from each location

What alerts will I receive?

WREMO will only issue alerts when there is a threat to life or a significant disruption that could affect the whole

or part of the Wellington region

What to do if you get an emergency alert

Follow the advice in the alert and make sure you are safe.  Then make sure your family, friends, and neighbours

are safe by sharing the information on social media or text.

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